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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Meat Culinology® Certificate

Blending Science and Art. Online.

Chef with Food Scientist and Box

About the Program

Culinology® - the science of food design and development - blends culinary art and science. Designed to optimize eating satisfaction, Culinology® studies the physical, chemical and sensory properties of food, together with its handling, processing and production.

UNL is the first institution to develop a Meat Culinology® Certificate program and invites you to become a part of this exciting program.

Why Study Meat Culinology®?
The Meat Culinology® Certificate program at UNL concentrates on meat because it is the center of most meals and is the major portion of the food budget in the food service industry. Proper handling and preparation is paramount to the success of a meal and a food establishment.

The faculty at UNL who developed this program know that food industry professionals are busy. With little time to take courses on campus, the online Meat Culinology' Certificate program allows professionals the opportunity to advance their education and career by learning more about the science and art of meat.

The six-course sequence will teach you everything from harvest to consumption of livestock and poultry. Read more about the courses here.

All courses are taught by UNL faculty in the Animal Science and Nutrition and Health Sciences departments as well as seasoned professionals currently working in the food service field.

Benefits of the Program
· Gain an edge in the competitive workforce
· Become a valuable asset for your employer
· Receive certificate of completion of HACCP coursework
· Gain more earning potential in the field
· Become a meat culinologist
· Interact with highly qualified faculty and professionals

Program Length
Students could finish the certificate in as little as 18 months, although most will finish in two years. Courses are offered in the fall and spring semesters.

Undergraduate certificate programs require all credits to be earned through UNL.